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Our Story

In 2004 our founder, Chuck Scott had an idea but not much more. He saw a gap in the tourism market; private tours weren’t being offered by anyone in Vancouver. Starting off with one van, his family minivan, a passion for history, and skill in web design he launched Wild BC Tours. He had one simple principle, he aimed, on every tour, to be the best part of his guest’s vacation. The first two season were challenging, not even selling a hundred tours sold but Chuck kept up the hard work, he knew he had a winning concept.


In 2009, in a bid to expand and differentiate his growing enterprise from a variety of new competitors. He sought to replace his small fleet of vans with a vehicle that would be more comfortable than a full-size van but still fit the small group mandate he had built his company upon. He choose the General Motors B-Body platform based Caddilac Limo; and so, the touring limousine was born.
After a season, his growing number of guests loved its low entry height, large windows, comfortable, spacious interiors and it’s unique six door layout allowed nearly every guest to have a door. Over the following years, he switched nearly his entire fleet to Six-Door Cadillac Limousines which became a hallmark of his brand.
After three seasons suppliers and travel agents like Viatour, A.S.T.A and Alcatraz began to take notice of the small group idea and the positive impressions left on guests from around the world. With the help of online bookings through third parties, Chuck’s days became busier and for the first time, he needed to expand.

In 2014 Chuck and his team found another gap in the tourism market; a great number of other major cities in the world offered Segway Tours, but not Vancouver. After extensive research, he launched another division; Wild Glide BC. After more than a few hiccups in its launch phase, it became a must-see Vancouver attraction at the University of British Columbia’s Botanical Garden. After five successful seasons, in 2018 we decided to relocate our Segway tour operation to Washington State. In 2020 we are looking forward to bring our high standard for safety and service to an entirely new market.
After more than a decade and a half, we continue to learn and evolve. We’ve been busy improving a selection of our successful tours and adding some new, unique products to our roster. As we expand and improve our products our core values remain the same; we are dedicated to being the best part of our guest’s vacation.

Happy Travels

Nick Scott, Operations Manager